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Akçaabat Haçkalı Baba State Hospital is located in the town of Akçaabat. Together with its seaside location and hotel-quality services, you will feel at home in the care of our coordinated team.

The Akçaabat Haçkalı Baba State Hospital opened the health center on the costal road in 1992 and started to provide inpatient treatment after being converted to a 50-bed hospital in 1994. The capacity of our hospital increased to 80 beds in 2003 and then to 92 bed in 2004. Since May 5, 2011, our hospital has continued to operate with a 218 bed capacity as Akçaabat Haçkalı Baba State Hospital. The total indoor area of our institution is 34.114 m2.

In the outpatient clinic of our hospital services related to ophtalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, neurology, internal medicine, general and pediatric surgery and juvenile diseases  are offered among others. It also has a second level emergency unit. 

The annual number of group A surgeries is 59, group B surgeries 1145, group C surgeries 3055 and group D  surgeries 1404. Furthermore 367.290 outpatients are treated every year. If you elect to receive inpatient treatment you will be provided a room with an LCD screen TV, refrigerator, closet, nurse call equipment, air conditioning systems, 24 hour hot water, WC, fold-out couch, Wireless Internet and an excellent view of the Black Sea. Every year our hospital has receives high marks on the Turkish quality accredidation system of the Minsitry of Health.

Our hospital recognizes the principle of customer satisfaction and we would like to thank you for considering our hospital. We offer you a swift treatment with the hope that you get well soon.

Our priorities are to establish good mutual relations with patients’ carers and hospital workers, and to use hospital resources with great care, to give distinquished service to patients, and to gain their appreciation.


Obstetrics and Gynecology
Oral and Dental Health Unit
Ear, Nose and Throat
General Surgery
Brain Surgery
Internal Medicine
Pediatric Surgery
Children's Diseases
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Patient Stories