Oncology Center deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of cancer. Trabzon Public Hospitals Union hospitals are equipped with world-class technology. We are able to meet the needs of national and international cancer patients (Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc.) with regard to these issues.

Oncology is the medical study of cancer including its diagnosis, prevention and therapy, which usually comprises three types of treatment: surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy with the follow-up care.


The meaning of Radiotherapy is using radiation (electron particles or high-energy x-rays) for  the treatment of tumor tissues. The purpose of the radiotherapy is destroying the tumor tissues with minimum radiation damage to healthy normal tissues. For this purpose radiation is delivered with specially developed radiotherapy devices. With the advances in technology in recent years, the healthy normal tissues are better protected while targeting the tumor tissues with better developed radiotherapy devices.

With the linear accelerator machines in our clinic, patients are treated using 3D conformal radiotherapy (3D-CRT) and intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) techniques. Also, image guided intensity modulated radiotherapy (IG-IMRT) is performed in our clinic with TomoTherapy HI-ART radiotherapy device, which are found in only 9 radiotherapy centers in Turkey. With these opportunities in our clinic, our patients who are taking advantage of the benefits of the latest technology devices, are treated with the least side effects.
The radiotherapy devices in our clinic include;

  • Elekta Synergy Platform Linear Accelerator
  • TomoTerapi HI-ART

TomoTherapy HI-ART
With the advancement of technologic development, TomoTherapy is one of the most significant radiotherapy devices which has been developed. TomoTherapy was developed with a new concept;

  • Treatment delivery is helical way.
  • IG-IMRT is performed

Advantages of TomoTherapy:

  • Better Targeted Treatment
    • By acquiring MVBT images before sessions tumor localization is defined more accurately so it is capable of delivering adequate radiation doses to tumor while protecting normal healthy tissues.
  • Less Side Effect
  • Because of better protecting for normal healthy tissues Tomotherapy causes less side effect than other conventional radiotherapy machines. 
  • Re-irradiation Safety


  • TomoTherapy provides big advantages for re-irradiation of recurrences, especially near vital organs such optical nerves, medulla spinalis, heart etc. Re-irradiation with TomoTherapy is safer than other conventional radiotherapy machines.
  • Time Saving Advantage
  • TomoTherapy can irradiate multiple lesions concurrently. It is a big advantage for time saving. Especially in treatment of multiple cranial lesions with SRS technique it is a significant superiority.


Elekta Synergy Platform Linear Accelerator
In radiotherapy, ‘linear accelerator’ treatment devices have been in use for almost 50 years. In this device, the basic mechanism works as follows: electrons are accelerated to create different energy rays according to the needs of the patient and applied to the location of the tumor. The common feature of these rays is that they are high-energy, enter the body quickly and can be used for all parts of the body.

Elekta Synergy Platform Linear Accelerator in our clinic is well equipped radiotherapy machine. It is generally used in performing 3D confomal radiotherapy. It also has step and shoot IMRT and electron beam therapy options. It has 80 multi leaf collimators that provide better shaping of tumor geometry. It has 6MV and 18 MV energy options in photon treatments and 4,6,10,12,15,18 MeV energy options in electron treatments. System has an electronic portal imaging device (EPID) is enable to check patient’s tumor position. System has also carbon fiber treatment table that can move in four axes, gantry and collimator rotations for preparing more conformal treatments.


The Medical Oncology Department offers the diagnosis and the treatment of most cancer types in addition to preventive measures and clinical research opportunities

Treatment and observation plans for patients diagnosed with cancer are developed in amulti-disciplinary approach with cooperation of the departments of surgery, radiology, pathology, nuclear medicine, internal medicine and radiation oncology.

During therapies and follow-ups, depending on patient’s need, cooperation with supportive and palliative care team which includes algology (pain care), nutrition and psychology is also done.

In its most general sense, chemotherapy is the treatment of tumors by chemicals. Together with surgery and radiotherapy, chemotherapy forms one of the most fundamental segments of tumor treatment. Chemotherapy is administered strictly in accordance with the type of tumor and patient’s characteristics.

Medications may be administered in different ways. Whilst some of them are chemotherapeutic medications (cytotoxic) designed to eliminate tumor cells, others inhibit tumor development and proliferation (targeted agents, cytostatic). Others include hormones and supportive care.

For some certain types of tumors, chemotherapy is only available treatment method. Some tumors require the sequential or simultaneous use of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, while others may require chemotherapy before or after surgery. The entire duration and frequency of use depends entirely on the chemotherapy program selected specifically for the patient’s condition.

Psychological Support
It is not uncommon for patients to require psychological guidance in the process of coping with the treatment of cancer. The multidisciplinary treatment approach adopted at Trabzon Public Hospitals Union  means that the patients, as well as patient’s relatives, are able to receive psychological support. Cooperation and unity between patient’s family and medical team is proven to positively affect the course of treatment.

Nutrition and Diet
A balanced and healthy diet not only strengthens body resistance against illnesses but it also helps overcome illnesses sooner. Aiming to provide patients healthy foods and maintain a nourishing dietary program, Trabzon Public Hospitals Union  offers consulting services to patients receiving cancer treatment.

Pain Treatment
Our department of  pain treatment is established to treat individuals who suffer from chronic disabling pain. Pain is a personal experience requiring personalized treatment approaches. Following a detailed examination, our specialists will determine the most suitable treatment options for the patient. Especially with invasive pain treatment is carried out in a comprehensive manner.